Advance copies of ‘Through My Eyes: a story of Hope’ have been praised by many…

“I truly enjoyed reading Bob’s book. Over the years, as a combat vet of Vietnam, I have read many of the first hand accounts written by individual Soldiers. This is a very good book, well developed and thought out. Job well done!”

Bart Gilbert, BG,
Retired, USA

“For anyone looking for a book that doesn’t glamorize war but tells the honest story of a young soldier caught in the vortex of duty, friendship, trust in God, and survival, this is it! Bob Whitworth tells first-hand account of confronting the unseen enemy in the bush as well as the fears and questions in his own heart in a way that is compelling, humorous, insightful, and meaningful. Husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and comrades-in-arms will experience everything from the mundane nature of military life in a war-zone to the riveting accounts of explosive battles and combat. But Moms, wives, sisters, and daughters will also gain insight into the mind of the soldier in their life as they encounter the fears, questions, values, and insights of a young man who willingly fought in a war that became very unpopular and forgotten. Read it and remember the men who fought and died with Bob. This story of courage, commitment, friendship, and faith will inspire you.”

Dr. Jon McNeff
Pastor, NorthCreek Church
Walnut Creek, CA

“Vivid pictures of daily life as a grunt. The stories of leeches, snakes, parties, etc.  show a rounded view of being in-country. I love the memoirs and how those life-lessons came into play in Vietnam.”


“It is a memoir told by someone who had been there. It isn’t just a re-telling of dry facts and the politics behind the war. There are many parts I could relate to and the Vietnam war came to life for me in a way it never did in history class. I like that [Bob] told it how it was – rain, mud, skin-rot, leeches, and all. That’s what helped bring [it] to life for me. I liked reading about how [his] faith was developed and strengthened during [his] time in Vietnam and [the] inclusion of so much Scripture. [Bob’s] writing style is engaging. My favorite line in the whole book: “When Boredom shows up, he always brings his friends, Ignorance, Stupidity and Overconfidence.”


“I like everything about the book. I think it is really well written. It’s genuineness leaps off the page. It’s obvious that it’s from the heart. There is nothing contrived about it.”


“Real stuff about war. [I appreciate] Bob’s avoidance of the gutter talk.


“I like the short chapters; the honesty, the reality, yet without just shoving it into my face.”


“The creative imagery of war in Vietnam from an infantryman’s experience is so well done I felt I was there with him every step of the way. It is historically informative and satisfying as an entertaining story both emotionally and spiritually.”


“The book gave me a ‘window’ into the experiences of a soldier in the midst of the Vietnam war.”


“I most like that the story is the truth in Bob’s eyes, and as you read the book, if you know Bob, you truly feel him and his personality throughout the complete story. I like the way Bob tied his life history prior to VN into how it affected and influenced his ability to cope and survive the tragedy of war.”


“One man’s courage and ability to do the right thing in many situations regardless of consequences or the easy way. It stirs my imagination and I understand much better.”


“Love the sense of humor. Flash-backs and references to [Bob’s] hope and faith in such an awful backdrop. It is so well done and not too graphic. Very informative.”


“Towards the end of the book, I enjoyed [the] Tam Ky stories. Got to know more about the man!”


“This is Bob’s story and it has merit. It allowed me to get a good picture of a soldier’s life in a war where the odds were not always fair and survival never away from their minds.”


“I enjoyed reading the personal thoughts, feelings and impressions of a soldier in Vietnam. I was a little confused about the ‘story of Hope’ [in the title] due to the contrast of ‘hope’ and the gritty photo, but I understand the hope aspect a little better after reading the book. “


“[I like] the intensity and passion of the author. Feeling of pain and anxiety of experience flowed well.”


“A great story about real faith in a war that has such negative associations with it. The nitty-gritty of what it was like – smells, etc. Not a glorification of the author, but an honest journey of growth. Not a political treatise.”


“Bob was able to share and release a big part of his life.”


“…I laughed where it was suppose to be funny and there were areas that I thought were just so harsh on the human that how in the world someone could go through such a thing was unthinkable. To think that God was at work [in] Bob’s life through all of this is so awesome.”