Sometimes I look at life wrong. Then I have to step back and take another look, to see if there is another perspective. Most of the time there is a better way of seeing things. That’s where good friends come in.

A good friend who cares. One who will sit and listen to me while I lay out how I see what appears to be to be happening from my point of view. Sometimes they make a small helpful comment, but mostly just hear me out.

It’s amazing how often I find insight when I get to talk it out.

I have some wonderful friends. Some of them served in the Army with me where we faced life and death beside each other. Some grew up with me, and we played kick the can until after dark or built tree houses together. Some worked with me on heavy construction jobs. Some went to church with me. Some I’ve met at the coffee shop.

I want to say thank you. Thank You to all my friends for being there—kind, listening, and giving me input and encouragement.

You have made my life richer…Bob