Through My Eyes: a story of hopeWeaving memories of lessons he learned growing up in the Central Valley of California, author Bob Whitworth takes you with him, giving you a glimpse, through his eyes, into the sights, sounds, smells and feelings during a year as a drafted combat infantry soldier in Vietnam.

Very few combatants, also known as grunts, have been willing or able to share their view of the life-long memory that still keeps them wondering if the dreams and nightmares will ever end. This is an expensive story to write in terms of personal emotion; to walk through that year again so others can sense, feel and understand what it’s like to be a soldier, in the field, taking orders along with his buddies and making every effort to get their deadly job done and stay alive. This is a journey for you to experience with them as they follow orders from those in high places who themselves seemed mostly to be at little risk. These true events tell of hope, faith and belief being tested under extreme stress and of humor found in unlikely places.

It is not only the story of one man, but also of his platoon; one that can be identified with by every combat infantry soldier. You will relate with him, either because of your own experience, the experience of someone you know, or because you’ve wondered how you yourself might have endured a similar situation.

Each chapter reveals the actual experiences of a group of boys who become men in the jungles of Vietnam. Most had been drafted and all hoped to live through 365 days. Join Bob and a group of soldiers who trained together at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, and who, having played war games, are now depending on each other in Vietnam where they are faced with the difficulty and reality of war.

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