Book Release

We are happy to announce that Through My Eyes: a story of Hope will be available beginning March 1, 2012.

Through My Eyes: a story of hope

Well, this has been a long time coming.It is an exciting thing to launch a book. It will be real for me when I’m holding it in my hand. You, my friends, have been patient while we worked through the process of editing and publishing—during our time of silence on FaceBook because we didn’t know quite what to say. I’m not really a blogger, so Beth will help me with this. What I would like this to be is a place for you to tell me what you think, rather than for you to listen to what I think. But I can’t help myself, I pretty much always have something to say… just ask the guys I have coffee with most mornings. I have always said though, that you need to be a good listener, so now I want to listen to you. Have at it! We will be putting things here like about giving you folks who would like to pre-order the book from our website here some discounts. We will be selling it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble too, and hopefully those things will be set up by March 1. We are working on the e-book version right now too, and will have that available here as soon as possible, and hopefully available on iTunes. At least, that’s the plan. Thanks for your continuing patience. Bob 1/18/2012