Bob’s Principles for Living

These are some principles for living that I feel are important.

My experiences during the year I spent in Vietnam took me to a place where I examined everything that I believe. These are some principles for living that I feel are important:

  • Search out the truth; often it is hidden or disguised and hard to find. You may not like it.
  • Be a realist. Don’t lie by telling yourself the way you want life to be, while knowing it’s not that way.
  • It’s important to know who you are, where you are, and what you believe, so you can figure out how to get where you want your life to go.
  • Put friends into your life. Find friends, make friends, and learn how to be a good friend— a better friend. It takes being a good friend, and time, to have a good friend.
  • Don’t throw your friends and relative away because they’ve made an error and wronged you. Learn to forgive; you’ll need forgiveness too, sooner or later.
  • Don’t give your good stuff to fools; they will waste it.
  • Revenge… Evil’s pocket is full of it. There are times in life that our justice system can’t serve you. If you, or someone dear to you, have been hurt badly and the law can’t serve, Justice and Revenge will call your name. This is where the rubber meets the road. The Bible tells us that God says, “Revenge is mine.” He won’t share it with you; and for good reason. It’s poison if you take it on your own. It will promise you relief, among other things, but will not give you what it promises. Don’t be fooled! It lies. Revenge leaves a trail of brokenness. Seek help peacefully from tried, trusted friends. Lay your burdens patiently before God and ask for relief. If He doesn’t relieve you of the burden, ask for strength to peacefully carry the load.
  • Be willing to change when it’s right, not just for change sake.
  • Listen! Listen more and learn to listen better. Often people just need to talk, and sometimes, only to trusted friends. When we listen it shows respect and gives value. People should get to talk through what’s going on in their mind and can often come up with the answers and relief they have been looking for, simply by talking to a good, listening friend. All we have to do is listen. Practice listening. For most people this is not a skill they’re born with; it’s an improved-upon ability. I work at it, and need to do better. There are a lot of benefits for everyone. There are some good listening rules; learn them. Don’t blab what you hear and are expected to be careful with. If you goof this up, you’d better like eating crow.
  • Embrace Hope. Hope can look weak, but it has hidden Power.
  • Build faith, get faith, grow faith, and let it be tested. You must know the difference between Faith and Assuming. They can look like twins, but an assumption can be empty, with no substance. Real faith is full of power. Test all things and hold fast to that which is good. Build on the truth.
  • Learn love, find love, build love, work at love, and give love. Hard times, hurts, wounds, and anger can and will damage love. Without real love, life is cheap. Love is rich in life. It pays high dividends. Everybody wants to be loved in a way they can accept; I’m not talking about sexual love.
  • Be a giver, a good giver. Try to give more than you take. The Bible tells us “God knows how to give good gifts adding no sorrow to it.” Most of us must learn how to give good gifts; ones that bring blessings to the receiver. I have to work at it.
  • Let others give back to you. Sometimes we give and give to someone in need, and they become trapped if they never get a chance to give back. They may not have much to give, but let them give, and you be a gracious receiver.
  • Don’t be fooled; in very hard, trying times, we can lose the will to live. But, if you have put these things in your life, you have a better chance to make it through your trial, and you can be richer because of it.
  • Now, lighten up—have a good time. Life is not about you or me; it’s about “us” and mostly about our wonderful “Creator.” If you don’t know Him yet, search for Him. He’ll find you.
  • There will come a day when we will want the strength to face death, with Peace and Faith, to meet our Creator on good terms.
  • One day I’ll be waiting for you in Heaven. Don’t miss it. I want to see you there.
  • There is NO place better. You can’t work your way in; Jesus has paid your way, with His life and blood. The Jesus described in the Bible is for real.